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What: If you are looking for a spectacular view and the feeling of being one with nature, you should drive to the far end of the Tramuntana mountains. At the most northern tip of Mallorca, you will find Cap de Formentor. It is a peninsula with an elevation of approximately 210 meters above sea level. Here is also the famous and charming lighthouse. To get the last bit to the lighthouse you need to walk. The view and the feeling here is amazing. On a clear day, you can also see the neighbor island of Menorca.

Cap de Formentor

Where: It´s about a 100 kilometers from Palma and from the nearest village, Port de Pollenca, you have 20 kilometers of winding road, with a few viewpoints. Do not forget your camera. You can also take the bus 353 from Port de Pollenca. If you are fine with just driving halfway to the top, you will find Playa de Pollenca. A beautiful narrow beach, surrounded by pine trees and crystal clear water. To get to the beach, there are also ferries from Port de Alcúdia. Find it on a map here.

Fun to know: The lighthouse was opened in 1863 and is still active. It plays an important role for the boats travelling at night. It is the highest located lighthouse in all of the Balearic islands. The five star hotel, Hotel de Formentor, opened in 1929, and is located at the end of the beach. It is a dreamy hideaway. Both Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Dalai Lama, Grace Kelly and Winston Churchill has slept here.

We recommend: Have plenty of time. Bring your own food and water. We recommend that you make the long drive to the top and enjoy all of its surroundings, before you head back down and relax on the beach. Be careful with the wild goats, wandering around here and there.


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