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What: Port Sóller has gained popularity lately since the bay has a lot to offer if you are looking for a nice and calm vacation. Since 1997, when the tunnel was built, it´s also very easy to get there by car or bus. The village is located in a big horseshoe shaped bay, surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains. And as far as the eye can see, there are citrus trees everywhere. The bay has two beaches. The bigger one, Platja de Sóller and the smaller one, Platja d´en Repic. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, cafées and hotels. The beachpromenade, reaches from the far end of the bay to the other end.

Port Sóller

Where: Port Sóller is located 30 minutes northwest of Palma. If you don´t have a car, you can take the local bus or the train, a wooden train built for tourists. It runs from Placa España in Palma and takes approximately 60 minutes to the town of Sóller. It is a beautiful ride through the small mountain villages. From Sóller it is another 20 minutes to the harbor/Port Sóller. The main village of Sóller is 3 kilometers from the ocean. Find it on a map here.

Fun to know: Port Sóller was originally a small fishing village, that protected the habitants of Sóller from pirates. In the 19th century the isolated village started exporting citrus fruits, which became great business for the village. With this money they were able to build amazing churches that one can visit today. Both Sóller and Port Sóller are historical villages with lots of museums and other tourist attractions.

We recommend: Make a hiking excursion in one of the many trails in the mountains. Take a walk to the lighthouse in the southern part of the bay. Hop on one of the tourist boats to the spectacular bay of Sa Calobra. Book a table at one of the many restaurants in Port Sóller and watch the sunset next to the ocean. Don´t miss the market in Sóller on Saturdays.

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