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What: The heart of Palma. Paseo del Borne is just called “Born” among the locals. It´s a beautiful avenue, with fountains in each end and surrounded with large trees. On each side there are cafées, hotels, restaurants, stores, banks and a museum. Here you will find luxury brands as Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Carolina Herrera among others. At the end towards the city you will find the big shopping street Avenida Jaume lll, where the famous department store El Corte Inglés is located, while the other end leads towards the harbor and the ocean. Everywhere you look you will see small shops.

Paseo del Borne

Where: In the center of Palma, only ten minutes from the airport and literally around the corner from Ocho Suites & Kitchen.

Fun to know: Born have been used to a lot of things, ever since the knights had their jousting tournaments in the middle ages. It was once the estuary to the river Torrent de sa Riera, that was later moved to where it is today, next to the museum of modern Art. In the beautiful building where Zara has its big flagship store today, was once Bornes famous cinema. It´s now a meeting point and place for festivities.

We recommend: Stroll among the many shops and boutiques in the old town. Have a coffee and look at people, have tapas at Ombú, or visit the five star boutique hotel Can Alomar for a glass of champagne at their champagne bar, together with Russian caviar. On the same street, Calle San Feliu, is the Swedish owned store Rialto Living where you will find everything from interior design, clothing, flowers, great lunch and coffee as well as perfumes and gifts.


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