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Getaway to Deià - happy chic village

What: You do not want to miss this beautiful artist village in the mountains. It breathes art, culture, history and hippy chic. Despite the small size of the village, there is still a great variety of great restaurants, hotels, cafées and small boutiques.


Where: Deià is located between the villages of Valdemossa and Soller. The easiest way to get here is by car. But be prepared for the narrow small roads, that you have to share with buses, bikers and hikers. The drive is approximately 40 minutes from Palma. Find it on a map here.

Fun to know: The British poet and novelist Robert Grave put Deiá on the map already in the 1930s. Ever since the village has kept its feeling of art, history and culture. Today his home has been remade into a well visited museum. In Deiá, no houses are allowed to be higher than three stories. And only materials and colors from the island are to be used, just for that reason, to keep the village in its original style as much as possible. Don´t be surprised if you see a supermodel, famous actor or musician here. There are plenty of them.

We recommend: Do not miss the two restaurants on the small but beautiful cobble stone beach, Cala Deiá. The most famous one is Ca´s Patro March. They serve a lot of fresh fish, together with local dishes. And also bring your swimsuit. The water is more clear on this side of the island than on the beaches closest to Palma.

If you really want your visit to feel luxurious, you should stay a night or two at the beautiful 5-star hotel, Belmond La Residencia.

Chose one of many spots for the sunset. The view is stunning.


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