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Playa Illetas - Busy and fun

What: Beach Illetas is a small bay, only 200 meters wide, but yet very popular. A small bay is called “cala” in Spanish. It is surrounded by low cliffs, big trees and some beach restaurants. The sand is white and the water has many shades of turquoise. You will find a mix of Scandinavians, brits, Italians and Germans, together with lovebirds and families with small children. The Spaniards prefer to come early in the morning or later towards the evening. The beach can get really crowded, so it´s important to show respect to your neighbor, with its limited space. You can rent umbrellas and also pedalos.

Playa Illetas

Where: The beach is located between Portals Nous and Cala Mayor, approximately 10 kilometer southwest from Palma. This particular beach is full of tourist, since you can easily take the local bus from the city, which only takes 25 minutes. Make sure to get there early during high season, to find your perfect spot. You can also drive all the way down to the beach, but parking is limited. Find it on a map here.

Fun to know: Playa Illetas is the biggest of three in the Illetas community.

We recommend: You can find three restaurants, one bar, some small shops and also toilets. There are also a few hotels around this area, for example Roc Illetas, some restaurants by the street, as well as a small kiosk with water, snacks and souvenirs.

If you are standing in front of the beach and look towards your left, you will find the relatively new beachclub, Purobeach Illetas on the rocks, next to the beach. This is the sister beach club to Purobeach Palma, which is located east of Palma, in Cala Estància.


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