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Sky Bar at Hotel Hostal Cuba


Sky Bar at Hotel Hostal Cuba

What: The Sky Bar at Hotel Hostal Cuba offers an ideal blend of panoramic views of Palma, the ocean, the cathedral, the harbor, the old town, and a fusion of serenity with city life. Picture this panorama as your backdrop over the horizon. In the mornings, you can enjoy the buffet breakfast, even if you're not lodging at the hostal. During the evenings, immerse yourself in great music and a great selection of cocktails.


Where: In Santa Catalina, at Calle San Magin, 1. True to its name, the Magic Street, it's relatively tranquil during the day, transforming entirely at sunset. Santa Catalina area feels almost like a village within Palma.


Fun fact: The beautiful building dates back to 1904, and this area was initially constructed as a fishermen’s neighborhood.


We recommend: If you're exploring Palma for the first time, this is the perfect spot for a pre-dinner drink or a delightful breakfast overlooking the city before you embark on the day's adventures.


Address: Calle San Magin, 1

Phone: +34 971 45 22 37


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