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Spot is located in the outside of Santa Catalina neighborhood. Spot has a relaxed vibe and menu with small tapas dishes, pizzas, pastas and inspired by the world. We always start with some edamame with chili and the Tortita with tuna, avocado, and chipotle. Someone in our party always picks the Pekin duck with pancakes; someone the Pizza with truffles and someone a pasta and we share it all. The drink menu is also very nice.

The interior design has a typical Mallorca beach summer vibe with wood and rattan furniture, banana plants and colorful pillows in the sofas and concrete flooring. The lightning with the wooden ceiling lamps makes the restaurant very cozy.

We go to Spot for the relaxed atmosphere, the food and the summer vibe. Spot is one of the ten best restaurants for the summer vacation in Palma.

Spot restaurant

Address: Plaça Verge del Miracle 3, Palma de Mallorca


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